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Give website feedback with just a simple point and click.

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Simple to manage client website feedback.

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Get set up in minutes. Install BugHerd with a browser extension or via Javascript code.

See for yourself why it’s the preferred website feedback tool for 6000+ companies.

Feedback made easy, like sticky notes on a website.

Turn confusing spreadsheets and lengthy email chains into visual and actionable website feedback.

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BugHerd is the online feedback tool that makes managing client feedback a breeze!

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Give & receive manageable feedback on any website

Comment on page copy, site designs and anything in between with a simple point and click. Metadata added automatically. Be heard effortlessly - no more endless email chains, spreadsheets and phone calls with designers or developers ever again.

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Technical info captured for your development team

Website feedback captured with BugHerd includes a screenshot, and info such as screen resolution, browser, OS, CSS selector data, and more.

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Save time & collaborate remotely

Save time collecting feedback and ensure nothing is missed by sending feedback to one central location. Collaborate seamlessly with your team and clients, wherever they are.

Capture the website feedback, no matter the platform

Easy to use, easy to install. BugHerd can be installed on your website with either a browser extension or javascript code.

Our customers say the nicest things!

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“Compared with sending back & forth emails, our new process has easily improved efficiency by more than 25%."

Chris Uzzo
CEO and Founder of Zero Gravity Marketing
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Is BugHerd the best feedback widget for websites?

We certainly think so. BugHerd collects visual feedback, complete with a screenshot, annotation and metadata. This ensures feedback is ready to be actioned by the web development team.

BugHerd also offers an all-in-one solution. Feedback is sent directly into BugHerd’s Task Board, a kanban-like environment, ensuring all client feedback is captured and managed. Keep clients and stakeholders happy!

Take a look at the list of the frequently asked questions (right) to get to know BugHerd better.

Do I need to install anything?
There’s two ways to set BugHerd up to get feedback on a website. You can embed a JavaScript snippet into the “head” of your website or you can install a browser extension to your preferred browser.
How is the feedback pinned to the website?
BugHerd pins the feedback to the individual element on your website. So if you rearrange the elements on a page, the feedback stays with it.
Where is the feedback sent?
BugHerd turns the feedback provided into tasks on a kanban style Task Board. Using the Task Board, you can sort, assign and track tasks to completion.
How do I invite others to a project?
You can invite people to join your project to provide feedback and to help resolve feedback. BugHerd has two main user levels, members and guests. Members are able to view the kanban style Task Board and all the bugs and feedback reported. Guests are only able to provide feedback and respond to comments about bugs or feedback they’ve reported.
Can I integrate BugHerd with existing tools?
BugHerd integrates natively with Slack, GitHub and Wordpress. Using Zapier or Integromat, you can integrate BugHerd with thousands of other tools, including Jira, Asana, Trello and many other project management tools.
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