Save hours by managing website feedback from one location.

BugHerd pins feedback and bugs directly to website pages and turns it into actionable, trackable tasks.

Banish email trails and feedback spreadsheets forever.

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Join 10000+ companies, 350,000+ users across 172 countries.
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Capture the context for feedback to reduce follow up questions

Spend less time wading through confusing email chains or convoluted spreadsheets. BugHerd pins feedback to the page and includes all the information you need to make it actionable.
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Track the progress of tasks from one location

BugHerd sends all feedback to a kanban style Task Board, where you can triage feedback, assign tasks, add comments and track the progress of work to completion.

Integrate BugHerd with your existing PM workflow

Fit BugHerd into your workflow seamlessly with a range of integrations. Send client feedback and bug reports to your existing project management, customer support or other tool of choice.
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Technical info from non-technical people

BugHerd captures the technical information to help your team replicate bugs and respond to issues. All tasks include browser and operating system information, and make it easy for comments between team members.
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Speed up QA and Acceptance testing

Get websites live faster by simplifying client feedback during acceptance testing. Users can log bugs instantaneously. BugHerd lets clients pin feedback directly to website elements and provides the contextual information to resolve any issues fast.

Improve collaboration and communication across remote teams

Know what everyone in the team is working on, what's complete and what needs picking up. BugHerd helps add visibility to your team, especially if you're not in the same office.
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Make it easy to provide feedback

Clients can simply click on the page to leave feedback as they notice it, removing the barrier of having to take a screenshot, open a spreadsheet or write an email.

Clients can even see feedback from other clients, so no double ups for you.
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Our customers say the nicest things!

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"I use BugHerd all day every day. It has sped up our implementation tenfold."

Ashley Groeneveld,
Implementation Project Manager

"Without BugHerd, there'd definitely have been some lengthy phone calls with the client to explain exactly what they wanted to change!"

Garry Tattersall,
eCommerce and QA Manager

"Loving BugHerd! It's making collecting feedback from non-tech users so much easier."

Paul Tagell,
Delivery Manager
“BugHerd probably saves us
at least 3-4hrs per week.”
— Emily VonSydow @ Bop Design

How much time and money can BugHerd save you?

Company rate is how much your company charges clients per hour.
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Feedback timeframe is the duration your company allows for, during QA and UAT.
BugHerd could save you
on your next project:
On average, BugHerd saves each team member 2 hours of admin work per week during the feedback process.
* ROI information is illustrative only.