Collect, manage and action website feedback from one location

BugHerd is a simple one-stop bug tracking and website feedback tool.

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BugHerd's side bar makes it easy to point and click to provide visual feedback

The easiest way to give website feedback.

BugHerd pins website feedback directly to page elements with a simple point and click. It's incredibly easy for clients and your team to use. Give website feedback on desktop, tablet or mobile with BugHerd.
Simple to set up
Install BugHerd with either a Javascript snippet or through a browser extension. The decision is yours.
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Simple guest feedback
No need for clients to have coding or technical knowledge. Guests can simply point and click to provide valuable website feedback.
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Video feedback BETA
Give feedback by recording a video of the screen. It’s useful for explaining multi-step interactions, or more complex situations.
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The best website feedback.

Capturing the context is the best way to resolve bugs and respond to website feedback.  BugHerd makes it easy to get technical information from everyone.
Capture a screen recording or screenshot to annotate.
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BugHerd includes technical information, such as browser, Operating System and more.
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Pin feedback to website elements, not location.
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Real-time commenting.
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BugHerd's side bar makes it easy to point and click to provide visual feedback
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The best way to manage website feedback.

BugHerd feedback is sent to the Task Board, a kanban-like environment that’s perfect for those managing or actioning feedback.
Unlimited guests
Invite as many clients and stakeholders as you need to give feedback.
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Unlimited projects
Create as many or as few projects as you need.
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Version control-sync
BugHerd lets developers update bug information quickly from commit log messages using GitHub, GitLab or BitBucket.
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User Dashboard BETA
Members in BugHerd can see their own tasks and comments in a personalised Dashboard.
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BugHerd integrations

Integrate BugHerd with tools such as GitHub, Slack, Zapier and more.
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Public feedback

Gather ongoing feedback from customers on your live site.
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Video feedback

Give feedback by recording a video of the screen.
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